DASH-IF Identifiers

Submission Information

Public Submission Information

Please provide the following information that will be published on the DASH-IF web site:

  • The name, address, and URL of the organization requesting the identifier
  • The kind of scheme you wish to register. Please choose from the set of registered types:
    • Profiles, Interoperability Point, Extension
    • Content Protection: generic or protection system specific
    • Video source data: generic essential or supplementary
    • Audio source data: generic essential or supplementary
    • Role and Accessibility
    • Event: MPD event or inband event
  • The suggested identifier as a URI.
  • The specification in which this identifier is defined, if possible. A copy of the specification would be helpful, as it enables the DASH-IF to understand the catalogued value better.
  • A brief ‘abstract’ of the meaning of the identifier and the usage of the @value, perhaps ten to twenty words (see examples on this site).

Confidential Submission Information

Please also provide the following information which are kept for the authority’s records only, and are not published:

  • Contact information for a representative for the identifier, including:
    • Contact person’s name, title, and organization.
    • Contact email.
    • Contact telephone number, and fax number if available.
    • Contact physical address (street address), if applicable.
    • Date of definition or implementation (if known) or intended date (if in future).
    • Statement of an intention to apply (implement) the identifier.

Applications with insufficient information, detail, or documentation, may be returned by DASH-IF for clarification. Please be as complete and clear as possible.


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