Git Reports


Git Reports is a free service that lets you set up a stable URL for anonymous users to submit bugs and other Issues to your GitHub repositories, without exposing your code, requiring users to log in with GitHub, or using a messy two-repository solution. It works with public and private repositories, and it works with personal and organization repositories. It's super easy to set up: log in, allow access, and activate your repository from the list! Check out the tutorial for more details.


Free and ad-free!

For developers

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What's with the permissions?

The GitHub API doesn't have a whole lot of scope options; unfortunately, in order to get write access to a repo's issues, I also have to request write access to the full repo. The site's open-source, though, so you can check it out for yourself or even self-host your own copy if that's your thing.

I found a bug/have a feature/etc.!

Dogfood it with a bug report here, or you can just create a new issue on GitHub; the repo's public. Feel free to send a pull request if you fix a bug or add a new feature.