Minimig on MIST Bug Tracker

Report format (copy&paste text below):

  • minimig-mist release: (which build number are you using)
  • firmware version: (which firmware version are you using)
  • kickstart version: (which kickstart version are you using)
  • chipRAM: (how much chip memory are you using)
  • fastRAM: (how much fast memory are you using)
  • slowRAM: (how much slow memory are you using)
  • game / demo: (the name of the buggy program, please be exact, preferably with exact name / WHDload ver., TOSEC release name, etc)
  • other system tested: (on which other system with preferably exact same config did you also test the program - WinUAE, FS-UAE, real Amiga, etc)
  • description of the problem: (describe what is the problem with the program)


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